I submitted my application, what happens next?

These are the next steps you will go through once you submit your information:

1. We will review all the information you have submitted and create an anonymous profile for you to be shared with the companies we have partnered with.

2. If a company is interested in your profile, we will send you an email with a detailed company and job description and ask for your consent to reveal your full profile.

3. If you agree to show your full profile, we will share it with the company and if you are a good fit for the open role, the company will reach out to you directly for an interview.

4. Good luck with the interview!

Am I anonymous on Talent by Blind?

You are 100% anonymous until you give us consent to reveal your full profile. Initially we only share your anonymous profile with our partnered companies and all personal identifying information (name, email, Linkedin URL, etc) will be hidden in your anonymous profile.  If a company is interested in you after seeing your anonymous profile, they will request to view your full profile. Only when you consent, your full profile with your personal information will be shown to the specific company you have consented to.

Will I receive job opportunities via the work email that I used to signup on Blind?

No, we will only contact you via the email address you submitted for Talent by Blind. Although Talent by blind has been developed and operated by Teamblind they are two different services. In this sense, when you submit the form for Talent by Blind, we ask you to submit your personal email address.

Will my current employer be able to view my profile?

No, your anonymous and full profile will not be shared to your current employer at any time. Not only to your current employer but also to any companies you tell us not to share your profiles with.

Do I need to remove my personal details when uploading a resume?

You may include personal details in your resume as it will not be included in your anonymous profile, and therefore will not be shared until you consent to share your full profile with companies who request it. The same applies to any personal information that may be used to identify you such as your name, email address and LinkedIn URL. 

When will my profile be created?

We are currently receiving much interest from potential candidates that it may take some time to create profile and start getting in front of the companies. We are working our best to create your profile as soon as possible and once your profile is live in our pool, we will send you a notification email. Please stay tuned for an email from us once you sign up.

How long will it take to receive requests from companies after I sign up?

Although we are working with various companies to help connect qualified candidates to help fill open roles, it is dependent on the recruiting teams that we are partnering with and their different open positions, recruiting processes, and internal timelines; therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific timeline. We are working on ways to better communicate with our candidates to keep them updated on what to expect and to ensure they are highlighted immediately when the right roles open for them.

What types of companies are partnered with Talent by Blind?

We have partnered with a wide range of companies from stealth start-ups up to enterprise companies, that are actively hiring and looking for top-notch talent. The interest from companies is growing exponentially and we are constantly adding new partnerships to provide you with more opportunities.

How much does it cost for candidates?

It is totally free for our candidates

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us at support@talentbyblind.com.